Small Businesses Get Noticed with Custom Neon

It has been said that “Small Businesses are what made America great.” This certainly explains the ongoing force that is the Small Business person. What else would make a person want to work seven days a week to attract customers to their own sandwich stop, coffee shop, bar or hardware store.

Their daily devotion is compounded by the ever increasing degree of competition around them. Not only does one have to be aware of their nearest small-time competitors, but online web sites and large commercial chains that pop up where you least expect them. Attracting new customers is not just important on a routine basis, but essential to stay alive and profitable.

Custom Neon Signs Speak Volumes

Imagine how easy it is to see a business from afar when it is lit with a neon sign? Both during the day and especially at night, a neon sign lets potential customers know you exist. A neon sign placed alongside or above a door, additionally lets them know a business is open and waiting for them to step right inside. Neon bespeaks warm in a myriad of ways.

Custom Neon lets you be Creative

A neighborhood bar and grill gets retro appeal with custom neon beer signs in their dining room. A local pizza parlor gets noticed when younger customers enjoy looking at the neon pizza pies in their window. This is all possible with a minimum of effort and finances. Ordered online from, custom orders are affordable, convenient and include shipping costs.

LED Neon is also Available

For that small business owner who truly wants neon signage that is maintenance free, nothing works better than an LED sign. As colorful and creative as authentic neon, there is no finer way to announce one's company name or phone number in a window display. For an additional decorative strategy, try placing a custom neon clock with your company logo above the front desk.

Custom Neon is Affordable

A custom neon sculpture sets any cafe apart from their larger competition. But did you know that the price of a custom neon sculpture starts at as little as $49? This makes it perfect for decorating a blank space or re-decorating a dining room to rejuvenate a once grand space. Customers respond well to neon signs, and this is true of younger consumers to the older generation.

Ordering Online takes Minutes

Ordering online takes minutes, but can make a mountain of profits in the end. Remember if your customers can not see you from afar, they can not make purchases up close. Custom neon allows small businesses to make their dreams come true. Light up any exterior store front or interior hallway. Display your company name in neon lights above the entrance. Let your logo do the talking on a neon clock. The choices are endless.