Every Business Needs to Find New Customers. Neon is the Way!

Small business owners need to market their operation effectively, if they want to stay in business at all. To remain profitable year after year, it is necessary to remain active in your particular marketplace. At one time this meant only the introduction of new products and services, released regularly to please the customer. Long time consumers were likely to know local businesses well, and this feeling of reciprocity was valued above all else.

For better or worse, we live in cities, suburbs and even rural areas far more transient that those of decades past. While long time customers may still drop by frequently, it is not uncommon to lose their patronage when they move away or shift their attention to a nearby competitor. This is unfortunate, because attracting new customers and clients is absolutely essential to remain profitable and financially stable.

Advertising on a Budget

Where many small businesses strike out and fail, is with the planning of their advertising budgets. Experienced business owners know that reaching a fair share of one's market will take a few dollars. However they find themselves perplexed when it comes to the least expensive way to reach the highest number of potential customers. Here is where thinking “out of the box” pays off in big ways.

Neon Signage

Clear and concise signage is basically a requirement for businesses of any size. Without a sign announcing the name of the company, any organization is virtually invisible to the very clientele they are trying to please. Standard painted signs have their place, except when it comes to impressing modern day shoppers. Not only is painted signage considered quaint, but younger consumers find these signs boring and unattractive.

One way to avoid this syndrome is with the addition of neon signs. Neon signs are bright, colorful and command attention wherever they are placed. They're perfect for windows and doors that face the outside, as well as when used for interior decorating. Best of all, neon signage and sculptures can be customized to meet the needs of the individual.

Neon is Budget Friendly and Highly Adaptable

Neon signage is the most economical type of marketing and advertising available today. Take into consideration how much one single advertisement costs in the pages of a local newspaper or Shoppers' Gazette. Remember, the cost of a single ad will be significantly higher if placed in a larger publication. Compound this figure for a newspaper that covers a region with a sizable population and syndicated readership. Should the ad appear in the Sunday edition or magazine section, this again raises costs exponentially.

Your advertisement must be professionally edited, designed and run on a page that attracts viewers. And for what? Soon after opening that newspaper, the reader will generally throw it away. Making matters worse after all that time and money, rarely does the reader remember the wording or the business it represented. Like the paper it was printed on, important information is gone forever.

Neon Signs provide Affordable Advertising

Instead of the commonly used newspaper ad, a neon sign can be customized to say whatever a business owner wants to convey to current clients and future customers. Neon signage is durable, easy to set up and able to function on a 24/7 basis. Unlike a newspaper entry that may have to run for a series of weeks to judge its worth, a neon sign is able to immediately beckon potential customers from near and far.

Custom Neon – Perfect Indoors and Outdoors

The use of custom neon signs is right for both the interior and exterior of any building. Exterior neon signs can be placed inside a glass window or above the front door. Typically a business will have a sign that gives the name of the business and any logo associated with it. For example, an “Open” sign can be placed either vertically alongside or horizontally above the front door. The style, letter font and color combination is customized for maximum customer satisfaction.

Businesses that provide a service rather than a product also benefit greatly from neon signage. An office that lists their telephone number in brightly lit numerals under their name is likely to receive inquiry calls. A non-profit organization that posts their website address in neon is going to entice those who pass by to look up those pages on their smart-phone while still in motion. The possibilities are truly endless with a bit of ingenuity and professional creativity.

Neon Clocks tell Time with Flair

Company logos look incredible when they adorn clocks placed around the premises. Sculptures made of Neon make any space look both retro and futuristic simultaneously. Additionally, neon signs can be moved around to highlight sales, exhibit new products or draw customers towards previously hidden older merchandise. People are naturally drawn to neon for its brightness, color variations and indescribable vibrancy. It's no wonder that neon signs have been used extensively since the 1920's in the world of commerce and art.

LED Options Abound

LED neon signs are another effective way to attract customers to see your business in a different light. LED signs feature illumination that requires minimal maintenance to keep continuously lit. LED lights do not use tubes or transformers, allowing them to remain cooler than other forms of artificial light. With LED neon signs, businesses find unique visual appeal while saving finances and precious energy resources.

Ordering Custom Neon/LED Signs is Easy and Economical

Ordering neon and LED signage online saves time and money. Custom signs, clocks and sculptures are available from the multifaceted team at Neon Direct. All it takes is a visit to their web pages located online at http://www.neondirect.com to see the sheer variety of custom neon and LED pieces they design. This website features photographs, new ideas and concepts to incorporate neon into every room. Orders include shipping and handling too, for complete convenience. Never has the purchase of neon products been more affordable, efficient and irresistable.