Neon Power Supplies

Neon signs play an important role for your business. A quality power source is critical to preserving the life of your neon sign. All neon signs must have a neon sign transformer. Neon sign transformers convert main voltage into usable power for your neon sign. A neon sign transformer is a critical element to maintaining your neon sign. Neon Direct neon transformers are designed to safely fit and power most neon signs. We always have our 10,000 volt transformers and our 6,000 volt transformers in stock.

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  • 10k Neon Transformer- FREE SHIPPING
    Our neon power supply is perfect for neon signs. Our 410 is self adjusting for 4000-10000kv replacements. Easy to install instructions come with our neon power supplies and they includes a 2 year warranty. Neon Power Supply Highlights: Overload Protection Includes Pull Chain Includes 6 ..