Customer Testimonials

As an event designer, I keep an arsenal of design tools in my professional collection. Custom neon signs and sculptures continue to set me apart from the competition. Weddings, baby showers, engagement and bachelorette parties take on that “WOW” factor immediately.

Andrea S.
Coral Springs, Florida

We ordered a custom LED sign as a gift for our daughter. She selected her name, written in her favorite color – red! It now has a place of honor in her dorm room. Easily ordered online, I'm sure Neon Direct has now been inundated with orders by all of UCLA.

S. Gordon
Reseda, California

We run a family owned & operated coffee shop. Neon signage in our front windows has helped us to attract attention with potential customers in their cars. “Open” and “Hot Coffee” signs let them know that we are open earlier than the big chains.

R. Erickson
Bangor, Maine

Come evening, our camp turns the gym into a lounge for teen campers. We've installed a custom neon clock with our camp logo, and a sign that reads “Club Teen” over the front door.
Music + refreshments = instant fun. An excellent purchase!

Camp Cedar Lake
Milford, PA

Our lobby is decorated with custom neon clocks, each featuring a logo we designed. Many offices in our advertising & marketing company also have neon sculptures expressing the creativity of our staff. Clients and guests enjoy looking at the novel décor.

Horace P.
Boise, ID

This pizza shop gets results with neon. My favorite is our name, bordered by slices of bright neon pizza. Without signage seen from a distance, I don't know how any small business can stay alive these days. We will be ordering more very soon!

Dante G.
Sedona, Arizona

Our neighborhood bar was completely redecorated to give it a retro feel. Beer logos and custom neon signs at the door attract new customers every night. I wish we had ordered these years ago, as business has definitely increased several times over.

Josh C.
Chicago, Illinois

I am a party planner whose proudest moment involved a Sweet Sixteen. Working with a beach theme, I ordered neon dolphin and whale sculptures. Her name was designed as if it was written with blue waves. That sign was later given to the birthday girl as a gift. This one party made a name for me professionally.

Tanya R.
Denver, Colorado

We renovated a traditional roadside diner. Our entry way has neon signs, as well as neon clocks above the counter. A vertical Open sign adorns the front door. Also Exit signs, and signs for the bathrooms. LED signs stay on and never run up our electric bill; always a good idea.

Kathy W.
Dover, New Jersey

I recently bought a new condo, giving me a chance to have a man cave! I ordered a series of signs featuring the names of my favorite sports teams. The signs, a television and refrigerator filled with cold-cuts has made all of my dreams come true. Consider yourself invited...

Fred G.
Decatur, Georgia

My baking kiosk sets up daily in an office building during lunch hour. I attract both workers and people passing by with LED. The company logo and a custom sculpture of a cupcake is placed on each table. These pieces are easy to set up and take down in minutes. Affordable, conveniently shipped, colorful and beautiful to look at, they're almost as delicious as our cupcakes.

Natalie P.
Seattle, Washington

Large neon signs have increased sales at our printing shop.
If the customer can't see you, they can't buy from you.

William B.
Lincoln, Nebraska.